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Joseph V. Abbate, Jr.

Writer / Designer / Artist / Photographer


Welcome to my website. I hope you have some fun during your visit.


That's my philosophy when it comes to writing: I write for the fun of it.  I write to enjoy the process. I want to laugh.  I want to cry.  I want to feel.  And when a story is done - and never perfect but sometimes ready to be shared - I want others to have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.


When a story is written, I then release my work and let whatever might happen to happen. The journey can be exciting.


I write both fiction and non-fiction and it's difficult to lump what I write into a pile and label it for this age group or that, and I see nothing wrong with that. Why should a book that is enjoyed by young people be off-limits to adults? If your inner child has fallen asleep, I want to wake it up.


If I write about my life, I may talk about overcoming fear and anxiety, as I suffer from social anxiety disorders.  I may write about family relationships. If I create characters, they might face the school bully on the playground or stress about a math test.


I am never sure what will happen next.


The only things I know are that I always try my best to write stories that are filled with emotion, humor, and human kindness. I want my stories to uplift and to be shared.


Won't you join me?

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