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Born in New York City in the Mantle/Berra/Ford Era, Joe grew up bouncing from quiet hamlet to quiet hamlet in the surrounding suburbs during his formative years.  That's what you get when your parents dress you in rubber. Most of his time was spent on the Long Island Expressway, stuck in traffic looking for the nearest exit.

Luckily, he found that exit in 1972, when he enrolled in college at The State University of New York @ Oswego. Upon his arrival, he discovered that he had exchanged being stuck in traffic for being stuck in the snow. Unable to successfully operate a motor vehicle in the bad weather, he has remained in the Central New York area ever since, marrying his college sweetheart because her family was "really good at baking pies." The two of them raised a daughter together and currently live in Fulton, New York.  They have no pets unless you want to count Joe, who sometimes likes to get down on all fours.

Joe has degrees in Communications and Computer Science, but he doesn't let them get in the way. He is still the same introverted
quirkster he was in college, only with way less hair. During their 40+ years of marriage to the pie lady, Joe has held down several jobs, mainly because he annoys people after a few weeks. He has worked at a local radio station in production and promotions, an elementary school, where he mentored at-risk children in reading and is now a freelancer because it is easy to put on a resume without getting too many stares. He designs websites and graphics for people with and without money, is the webmaster at the First United Methodist Church of Fulton, New York, and has published several books in his spare time.

Despite this flurry of activity, Joe still considers his greatest achievement to be the time he spent (18 years) as a stay-at-home father, raising his daughter from birth to college. Now in her 20's, his daughter still lives reasonably close, and usually shows up at the house just about the time he sets dinner on the table.

Joe also likes to spend time helping others through his blog, Stepping Out with an Agoraphobic, something he created to help others like himself who suffer from Agoraphobia and other social anxiety disorders. In the upcoming months, he will be promoting his most recent books God's Only Mistake: Becoming a Man in My Father's Eyes and Chronicles of a Brainiac: Mark Dibble and the Magic Underpants at any place that will have him.

If you would like to get in touch with Joe, you can write to him at or use the contact form on this website.


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