My books cannot be easily pigeonholed into one category or genre. I like to write about real-world subjects in an uplifting and often humorous way. Appropriate for young and old alike, I like to leave my reader with a message that will inspire. Just like life, my books are filled with both tears and laughter.

God's Only Mistake:
Becoming a Man in My Father's Eyes

ISBN-13: 978-1502988966



The real-life story of Joe Abbate (me), an agoraphobic with anxiety disorders, who is called upon by his family to nurse his father (the world's crankiest patient ever) back to health after heart bypass surgery. This comedy/drama takes place in the backwoods of Maine.


This is the story of fathers and sons and how relationships can blossom over time - if they don't kill each other first. (Non-fiction. Appropriate for readers grades 7 through adult.)

Chronicles of a Brainiac:
Mark Dibble and the Magic Underpants

ISBN -13: 978-1534754928

Mark Dibble has a problem: Danny Lupo, the school bully, is after him. On top of that, he stinks at sports; and he is invisible to all the girls. Make that Mark Dibble has LOTS of problems. To escape yet another beating, Mark ducks into a magic shop to hide, where he reluctantly gets dragged into the world of magic spells, charms and enchanted objects. Will Mark be able to use his new powers to turn his life around; or will the math and science nerd be doomed to fulfill his destiny, the Noogie Hall of Fame?  (Fiction:Comedy/Action./Fantasy/Sports. Appropriate for advanced elementary school readers through adult.)

Number 306

ISBN-13: 978-1503044074


Matt Tedesco would give anything to move up on the popularity list at Columbus Avenue Elementary School, and when his big chance comes, he blows it, which is nothing new. To make things worse, now Johnny Spampanato, the biggest kid in school, has "requested a meeting" on the playground, right after school. Will Matt be able to survive the day without getting beat up in front of everyone again? And if he doesn't, will he ever again be able to enjoy cafeteria food again without any teeth?

(Fiction:Comedy/Fantasy/Sports. Appropriate for readers elementary through adult.)

Classified Terminally Ill:
My Story of Beating the Odds

ISBN-13: 978-1499581805


The inspirational story of a young man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, a devastating disease in which the life expectancy is approximately two years. Craig has lived into adulthood and continues going strong. Along the way, he has overcome many obstacles. He was mainstreamed in school instead of being segregated, and he graduated right on time along with his friends. He was able to attend his high school prom with his sweetheart. And although experts said he could never learn to play the guitar, he taught himself, became a guitar instructor, and eventually formed his own rock band. This is a story that will uplift the reader, and leave them with a never-say-die attitude, as shared by its author. (Non-fiction/Inspiration. Appropriate for advanced elementary through adult.)