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Chronicles of a Brainiac:

Mark Dibble and the Magic Underpants


Mark Dibble is smart - sometimes too smart for his own good. He believes in science and all thing logical.  He also believes that it's better not to get pulverized after school by Danny Lupo and his henchmen. That's why he allows his best friend, Abbey Garcia, to drag him into Balducci's Magic Shop, where he winds up with magic underpants before the afternoon is done.


Over the course of the next few days, Mark discovers that he is good at something besides what is written in books, but he isn't sure where his new talent is coming from. He still refuses to believe that magic is real - but he is willing to "play along" if it will help him play better in the championship baseball game.

When he finally learns the "secret" about magic. what will he do with his newly-found power?

I love Joe Abbate's humor mixed with life lessons. So many kids experience bullying. This book refers to their struggle. Only what if you acquired a helper, something magic, the form of underpants. I laughed out loud, also felt the exasperation of what it feels like to be bullied. I am 58 years old, bought it for my 11-year-old grandson for Christmas. Yes, I read it first, but how could I resist after reading Joe's other book, "God's Only Mistake". I would recommend "The Magic Underpants", for any young person who may be experiencing bullying, and for any adult that wants to read an action-filled story of triumph.

Burnetta B.


I could not put this book down.  It is laugh-out-loud funny. A soon as one chapter ended, I wanted to start reading the next one. 

Dave S.

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