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If You Think It, It Is So

Okay, I have had enough of it. I am putting my foot down, even if that means altering the immutable laws of natural science.

What am I talking about? I am talking about ending all this nonsensical bad weather and ushering in the spring – and I intend to do it!

The calendar has said that it has been spring nearly a month now, and in that time we have had countless snow, wind and ice storms. Clearly the people who control the weather have not gotten the message.

It is time to take action.

I am putting away all my winter clothes. I am doing a thorough spring cleaning of my house. I am going to act exactly as if the warm weather was here, with the possible exception of opening my windows and letting the icicles tumble inside.

That’s it! I now declare that it is spring. Everyone celebrate!

I know that to some, this might sound crazy, but is it?

Is it crazy to alter one’s mind to think in a way that will garner positive results? Is it crazy to behave in a way that will bring us happiness? Is it crazy to believe that good things will happen in our lives? I think not. I think it is the right thing to do.

And what if we carried this even further? What if we applied this positive way of thinking to our entire life? And what if that way of thinking became contagious – and it spread throughout the world?

Wouldn’t that be lovely!

So please forgive me if I refuse to grow sad because the sky is gray. Please forgive me if I refuse to shudder as the chilly wind passes by. Inside my heart it is just too warm for that. Inside my soul the sun shines bright. For inside it is spring and I am loving it.

Think spring my friends!

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