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There comes a time every year, springtime to be specific, when we open our windows to let in the fresh, clean air. At the same time, we release all the staleness that has been surrounding us during winter’s darkest days.

I’m sure that by now, your mind has conjured up images of your house or other place of dwelling. And while such a picture may indeed be valid, it’s not what I am talking about today. Today, I am talking about releasing the negativity inside our heads and letting in the fresh, new thoughts of spring.

If there is one thing I have learned in dealing with anxiety, it is to limit the negative input that is allowed to filter into the mind. For someone like me who “floods” (takes in too much input), it is often necessary to block or limit input before it overwhelms and becomes negative. But that is not always the case. Some people do not flood, and for them just limiting the negative is sufficient.

Some might think that this is a form of burying one’s head in the sand – it isn’t. What it is is a balancing of mind and thought that keeps us moving in a positive, productive and healthy way. And springtime is the perfect time to clean house in our minds as well as our living rooms.

Here are some tips about positive and negative thought:


If you are sick, you most likely will not be in a good mood. Your thoughts will be tainted with the negative colors of your malady. So, shut off your mind, don’t think deep thoughts, and just recuperate. That is your job. When you feel better, you will feel optimistic, and then you can make plans.


Love it or hate it, television is steeped in negativity. The nightly news is roughly 80 percent (or higher) negative. Little time is spent covering the good things happening in the world, and trust me, there are many.

Television drama is filled with stress and violence. Comedy shows display dysfunctional people who do nothing but insult one another. And in between shows, we get ads telling us what is wrong with us and how we can fix it if we buy someone’s products. It’s tantamount to brainwashing.


Social media is the Wild West gone digital. You can find just about anything you want on the internet, and a lot of it is negative. Carefully pick the sights you visit, and when reading things, take time to mull them over – not everything you find online is true. There are virtually no rules, so be careful of what you surround yourself with.


Take time to disconnect, unplug, relax and think. Spend time outdoors. You will be amazed at how clearly you can think when you let Mother Nature talk to you.

That’s about it for now. Too many words can bring stress with them as well. I will simply leave you with my best wishes and hopes that you will fill your days with peace, happiness, positivity and love.


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